Why You Should Have An Emergency Fund

Posted By  on Mar-16-2020
Emergencies are unpredictable; they aren’t planned, but they can be planned for. Emergencies usually demand urgency, and this can include paying for unexpected expenses. For this reason, it’s always a smart financial decision to put aside monthly savings towards an emergency fund.  Read More

10 Ways to Get Out of Debt – No Matter What...

Posted By  on Jan-01-2020
Unpaid debts can cause unnecessary stress. Instead of being able to enjoy the full potential of the money you earn, you’re stuck chipping away at a debt that seems to have no end. Regardless of the size of your debt, owing money is something you should try to avoid altogether, and there are many ways to help you do just that.  Read More

Bankruptcy and My Income

Posted By  on Dec-16-2019
When it comes to bankruptcy in Canada, many are unfamiliar with how surplus income affects your bankruptcy process. In general, surplus income is your monthly income during the time you are bankrupt—basically, the higher your income, the more surplus income you will have to pay.  Read More

How bankruptcy affects your business?

Posted By  on Nov-01-2019
With such a large number of start-ups and businesses in Canada, self-employed individuals are prone to run into debt problems. When these debt problems get overwhelming, small business owners may need to file for bankruptcy to gain a fresh start. When an individual files for bankruptcy, this is considered personal bankruptcy.  Read More
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