How To Manage Credit Card Debt

Posted By  on May-21-2018
Are you worried about your credit card debt? Credit card debt is something millions of Canadians are struggling with. For example, in America, the public owes over one trillion dollars in debt. In Canada, the numbers are equally discouraging.  Read More

Can You Get A Credit Card With Little to No...

Posted By  on Oct-23-2017
Credit card issuers rely on your credit score to assess your financial situation before approving you for a credit card. But you need at least one account – that has been active for over six months – to have a credit score. Some people don’t realise that they have a credit history due to their mobile phone monthly billing or house rent.  Read More

Credit Card Tips For Millennials

Posted By  on Sep-11-2017
For millennials who are just learning about credit cards and credit ratings, gaining proper understanding of the different types of credit cards and how they affect your credit rating can help to shape your financial success. Many people don’t receive enough financial information to avoid common credit card pitfalls.  Read More

How Your Smartwatch Could Give Away Your Credit...

Posted By  on Jan-25-2017
Cybercriminals evolve with technology. If there’s something new in the world of tech, you can be sure that cybercriminals will locate a flaw within that device and exploit it to steal our personal information. Now that wearable devices are all the rage, it’s important to ensure that your personal information remains safe.  Read More

Why You Need To Avoid High Interest Rates On...

Posted By  on Oct-03-2016
A credit card can feel like a necessity in the modern age. Many credit card companies, despite advertising their products as low-interest – which is a very relative claim – are still charging you absurdly high amounts of interest. This high interest can significantly affecting your long-term financial security.  Read More

Understanding Credit Card Fraud

Posted By  on Jun-13-2016
Although credit cards are generally very safe and companies can automatically detect bizarre activity, credit card fraud can occur, albeit to only a small percentage of Canadians (0.77%), but it results in a large loss of money. In 2010, for example, $365,916,944 was lost due to credit card fraud.  Read More

3 Things to Look For When Getting A New Credit...

Posted By  on Nov-20-2015
Not all credit card offer identical benefits and costs, but comparison shopping all of your choices can be time consuming. Unless there are drastic upcoming changes happening within the next few years of your life, you can gauge how your spending and repayment patterns will be by looking at your credit card statements in the past year.  Read More
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