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Not sure if bankruptcy is the right option for you? A trustee will always review your bankruptcy alternatives so that you can make informed decisions. 

There are a variety of options available when trying to deal with your debt situation and it is important to understand them all so you can choose the right path for you. 

Making the right choice can depend on many factors such as:

  • Debt to Income Ratio.
  • Assets.
  • Budget Limitations.
  • Financial History.
Resources & Bankruptcy Alternatives
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Susan Banasco

Extremely professional service by Mr. Thatcher and his team. Mr. Thatcher and his team were always available and quick to answer any questions concerning bankruptcy. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that would require his services!

Isabel K

I have worked with Kevin and his office for many years and would recommend his services to anyone who is having financial difficulties. He is very professional and has spent many years helping people get out of tough debt situation.

Sara C

The staff at Kevin Thatcher & Associates are incredibly understanding, non-judgmental people who honestly advised me of all my options before I chose to go bankrupt. I was surprised at how easily they broke down the process for me step-by-step so I was able to meet all the requirements.

John D

I just wanted to thank everyone at Kevin Thatcher and Associates for their help. I was at wit's end and couldn't cover most of my bills. I was afraid to answer the phone ever as it might be another collector calling! I was so depressed.

Caroline C

I was looking for a bankruptcy firm and was recommended Kevin Thatcher and Associates. I initially spoke with his pleasant and knowledgable staff(Anna) over the phone. I was very impressed by her and her soft approach being in a difficult situation.

Sean C

Very kind, caring and helpful group at Kevin Thatcher and Associates.

Alan S

I was in a real bind with a lot of debt from credit cards and payday loans but I met with Kevin and his staff were very understanding of my difficulties paying. I paid for 21 months under these federal income rules, but was way cheaper than if I did nothing.

Elizabeth E

Staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable! They took a stressful situation and made it more manageable, so thankful for their expertise.

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