How To Manage Credit Card Debt

Posted By  on May-21-2018
Are you worried about your credit card debt? Credit card debt is something millions of Canadians are struggling with. For example, in America, the public owes over one trillion dollars in debt. In Canada, the numbers are equally discouraging.  Read More

What Happens To Unpaid Debt If You Move Abroad

Posted By  on Feb-19-2018
Moving abroad to escape your credit card debt might sound like a good idea, considering there are different systems and regulations in each country when it comes to assessing a person’s credit. Especially since it’s unlikely that a foreign lender would ask for a copy of a Canadian-based credit report.  Read More

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

Posted By  on Feb-05-2018
If your business or personal finances are in serious trouble, filing for bankruptcy can give you the relief you need and a clean slate to start over. However, many are concerned that bankruptcy will ruin their credit. Generally, anyone who’s considering bankruptcy already has bad credit due to delayed payments or their debt to income ratio.  Read More
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