Will A Bankruptcy Filing Affect Your Job?

Posted By  on Jul-14-2017
It’s unfortunate that many individuals are afraid to declare bankruptcy because they feel that their peers, colleagues, or even employers will view them as irresponsible. Yet, there are many genuine reasons that could move a person towards filing bankruptcy, from lost or diminished income due to the death of a spouse to severe illness to divorce.  Read More

5 Leading Causes Of Bankruptcy In Canada

Posted By  on Jul-12-2017
Many Canadians struggle with debt for longer than they need to because of the fear that declaring personal bankruptcy could tarnish their image. However, there are numerous challenges that cause another 120,000+ Canadians to file for bankruptcy annually. You’re not alone.  Read More

Can Debt Expire?

Posted By  on Jul-07-2017
In Canada, the statute of limitations prohibits creditors from collecting or suing for unsecured debt in certain situations after a certain time period has passed. Keep in mind that the debt still exists, however it can not be collected by the creditor. Expiry places you in a favourable position to negotiate a good settlement.  Read More

Which Assets Are Exempt In A Bankruptcy?

Posted By  on Jun-19-2017
Consumers overwhelmed by debt have a number of options for getting their finances back in order. While the requirements for some forms of reducing debt, like credit consolidation, are clear, those for bankruptcy are often misunderstood, causing many people to delay the bankruptcy process.  Read More

What Is A Bankruptcy Discharge?

Posted By  on Jun-12-2017
Discharging your debts is a major achievement – and typically the final step of the bankruptcy process. However, there are some instances when the bankruptcy continues after a failed discharge, requiring the continued participation of the court, the creditors, and your licensed insolvency trustee.  Read More

All About Surplus Income In Bankruptcy

Posted By  on Jun-02-2017
When overwhelmed with debt, many consumers opt for consolidation services to simplify their debt management, maintain access to credit, and safeguard their credit rating. But there are some cases where filing for bankruptcy is the better alternative to obtaining debt relief.  Read More

5 Reasons To Avoid Payday Loans

Posted By  on May-22-2017
Studies show that about eight percent of Canadians are frequent payday loan consumers. These loans are attractive to many people who have an urgent need for funds – including for car repairs, medical emergencies or even grocery shopping.  Read More
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