Loans After Bankruptcy: What You Need To Know

Posted By  on Jan-08-2018
In Canada, it is possible to get a loan following a bankruptcy. Whether you are looking to get a mortgage, line of credit or car loan after bankruptcy, you can. Here’s what you need to know: Bankruptcy counselling is available to anyone who has recently filed or is looking to file for bankruptcy.  Read More

Can You Get A Credit Card With Little to No...

Posted By  on Oct-23-2017
Credit card issuers rely on your credit score to assess your financial situation before approving you for a credit card. But you need at least one account – that has been active for over six months – to have a credit score. Some people don’t realise that they have a credit history due to their mobile phone monthly billing or house rent.  Read More

7 Tips To Save Money On Transportation

Posted By  on Oct-09-2017
If you are looking to stay on top of bills and get out of debt it is important to maximise your savings on transportation, walking to all your destinations is the least expensive method. You may also use a bicycle for quick nearby errands, or buses and trains for long distance travel.  Read More
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