Five Tips To Downsizing Your Life

Downsize Your Life

Sometimes, life moves so fast, we don’t have time to catch our breath. We leave clothes on our bedroom floor, we miss appointments we forget about, and we let it go too long before reconnecting with old friends. We may even find ourselves in less than ideal financial situations that leave us broke at the end of every month, living paycheque to paycheque.

If you live amongst constant clutter and you’re struggling to pay your bills, it’s probably time to downsize your life. With these five tips you’ll find yourself in a better financial situation and will be able to walk through your home without tripping over mountains of mess.

  1. Make a monthly budget.

    This budget should include everything from mortgage payments or rent to student loans, credit cards, car payments, bus passes, food, Internet, cable and leisure (which should be even further broken down into eating out, coffee, alcohol, working out, and other categories).

    Before you set your budget in stone, get rid of the unnecessary categories. The important thing to remember about downsizing is that you are trimming the fat of your life. If you spend upwards of $40 per month on a gym membership that you never use, it’s probably best to pay a cancelation fee and get rid of the membership altogether.

    Reducing whatever you spend monthly on eating out, coffee and alcohol is also part of the downsizing process. You don’t have to quit buying lattés, but you should buy less of them if you’re trying to economize your expenses.

  2. Clean up everything.

    If you’re living with clutter, it’s time to get out a garbage bag and the cleaning supplies. Start in your bedroom and move through your house getting rid of everything you don’t wear anymore, furniture you hate, cookware you don’t use and items you don’t need. You can trade these items online for something you could get more use out of, or you can sell them for a profit.

    You will not only have a clean house but you’ll have downsized your mess too.

  3. Move if you must.

    Moving into a smaller home is a great way to downsize your life. You will probably even make money off the sale of your home which you can use as a down payment for your smaller digs.

  4. Settle on one car.

    If you have 2 or 3 cars in your family, ask yourself if you really need that many vehicles. You could very well be able to get away with having only one car, which means less car payments and a decreased insurance costs. It may mean more carpools and taking turns picking up the kids from hockey practice, but when it comes to downsizing your life, getting rid of that extra set of wheels will end up being cheaper in the long run.

  5. Consult an expert!

    A financial counsellor, money specialist, or bankruptcy expert can help you figure out the best way to downsize your life without sacrificing the things you love. If this is the best option for you, contact our team today to see how we can make a difference.

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