Budgeting On A Fluctuating Income

Posted By  on Sep-07-2015
If you are a freelancer or work solely on commission, your income may vary greatly. Trying to come up with a monthly budget when you collect a variable income is tough, but is far from impossible. Budgeting on a fluctuating income can be done, and you may even end up saving money at the end of the year.  Read More

Planning For A Lower Income

Posted By  on Aug-19-2015
With the economy still recovering and the competition for jobs high, it is pretty common for people to have to take a lower paying job in order to get the life experience they desire. This may seem like a big blow to the family’s finances but, with a bit of preparation, it can be managed.  Read More

How Do Secured Credit Cards Work?

Posted By  on Aug-05-2015
If you are looking to build up your credit rating, many advisors will recommend a secured credit card as a good place to start. Regardless of whether you are trying to build a credit rating for the first time or recover from a poor rating in the past, secured credit cards may be the answer to your needs.  Read More

5 ways to save during the Summer Months

Posted By  on Apr-20-2015
I always finish my summer holidays with a much lighter wallet then I started with. It can be hard to resist the temptation to spend with and on family and friends, but if you plan ahead, create a budget (and stick to it), and think of money saving ideas, you are sure to have a wonderful (and stress free) summer.  Read More

Using A Consumer Proposal For Debt Repayment

Posted By  on Mar-03-2015
If you have high levels of debt and are facing the possibility of bankruptcy, filing for a consumer proposal can be one of the best ways to regain control over your finances. Borrowers with high interest rates and outstanding balances can apply for a consumer proposal and begin to get out of debt. But what exactly are the requirements?  Read More

How do I Make Sure I Don’t Run Out of Money...

Posted By  on Feb-23-2015
Managing your money can be overwhelming when you feel like you’re not making enough. Even the most responsible people with well-established jobs run into money issues. From increasing student loans to mortgage payments to overdrawn credit cards, there are many factors that go into your declining bank statement each month.  Read More
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