Four Great Tips to Pay Off Your Students Loans

Posted By  on Feb-18-2014
Being saddled with student loans can make life difficult. When you’re out of college or university, you’ll likely already have a heap of regular bills to pay, and the monthly hit from a student loan payment on top of those isn’t a welcome addition. Your personal credit rating will also be tied to paying off your debts on time.  Read More

What Happens when you Claim Bankruptcy in Canada?

Posted By  on Feb-06-2014
You are considering bankruptcy because of unmanageable debt. In short, bankruptcy wipes out most debts. Collections are resolved, legal action from your creditors is stopped, and wages are not garnished (except support payments). A trustee is a licensed financial expert who guides you through bankruptcy proceedings.  Read More

How Long Does Bankruptcy Last in Canada?

Posted By  on Jan-28-2014
A number of factors determine length of bankruptcy proceedings. Income, size of family, and previous declarations of bankruptcy decide the date of discharge from bankruptcy. Even after you have been discharged, loans that were excluded from consideration in proceedings remain your responsibility.  Read More

How to Recover from your Holiday Debts

Posted By  on Jan-23-2014
The Holiday season celebrates with friends and family over food and gifts. Often that means travel to see family. If you went beyond budget or did not make your savings goals going into December, and relied on credit to tide you over, there are steps you can take to manage your debt.  Read More

What does the free consultation entail?

Posted By  on Jan-14-2014
If you are having financial trouble, you may have thought about going to see a trustee. One of the things you will see our office advertise is a free consultation. Now, everyone loves to hear that something is free, but is there a catch? Will you be pressured into signing papers?  Read More

How to Restore Credit After Personal Bankruptcy

Posted By  on Dec-05-2013
Re-establishing your credit rating after declaring personal bankruptcy can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Your goal is to manage your money, avoid future bankruptcy, and restore your credit rating. Meet these goals by making, and following, a credit plan. You must make a plan to avoid having to file for bankruptcy again.  Read More

Why Payday Loans Are Never a Good Idea

Posted By  on Nov-25-2013
Many people are aware that payday loans are a bad idea, but they continue to use them anyway. Why? Fast cash. Where else can you get a few hundred dollars in just a few hours – with no credit check? Payday loans may seem like a great way to pay for unexpected expenses or buy groceries until payday comes along.  Read More

5 Myths About Bankruptcy

Posted By  on Nov-16-2013
The situations that require people to file for personal bankruptcy are extremely stressful. There are many reasons why people may find themselves in a financial black hole: unemployment, severe illness, and divorce being just three reasons why someone may be unable to repay their creditors.  Read More
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