Renting vs. Buying a House

Posted By  on Mar-28-2014
Many people assume that there is a clear choice between renting and buying a house. The decision isn't as clear as that. While there are benefits to buying, owning a home comes with its own problems. Renting also has pros and cons to consider. Buying a house is a good investment, especially if you buy while you're still relatively young.  Read More

How to Save for Retirement

Posted By  on Mar-17-2014
Since people have longer life expectancies today than they did in the past, it's important for families to think about how they will prepare for two or three decades of retirement. These five strategies should help you make the most of your money so you can spend your retirement years enjoying life. It doesn't matter how old you are.  Read More

How to Save for a Vacation

Posted By  on Mar-15-2014
Going on vacation can cost a lot of money, even when you take a fairly modest trip within the country. The costs of hotel rooms, vehicle rentals, gas, and food add up quickly. If you follow these tips, though, you can start saving money for your next vacation.  Read More

Consumer Proposal FAQ

Posted By  on Mar-10-2014
In the world of financial problems and debt solution, just about everyone is familiar with the word bankruptcy, but not everyone has heard of a consumer proposal. When bankruptcy isn’t the right answer, but you definitely need some kind of help, a consumer proposal is often the ideal solution.  Read More

Budgeting on a Fluctuating Income

Posted By  on Mar-04-2014
Not everyone gets a steady paycheck. Some people, including business owners and those who rely on tips, have to live with fluctuating incomes that can make budgeting a little more complicated. These tips should make it easier for you to follow a budget, even if you can't predict exactly how much money you will make next month.  Read More

7 Signs You Are Headed For Financial Trouble

Posted By  on Feb-28-2014
Most people have had times in life when they’ve been in “financial trouble” to some degree. That term can mean many different things depending on who you’re talking to, but none of them are positive. Sometimes, you never really know how close you are to being in trouble, where one or two missteps could turn your financial world upside down.  Read More

5 Things we can Learn from Detroit’s...

Posted By  on Feb-25-2014
Detroit's bankruptcy should motivate everyone, to think carefully about their financial choices. No one knows how Detroit will pull itself out of this tailspin. But at least we can learn these five things from the city's mistakes. During the 1950s, Detroit was one of the U.S.'s most prosperous cities.  Read More
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