5 Ways To Reduce Financial Stress

Posted By  on Aug-15-2016
The saying that money cannot buy happiness is certainly true. Some of the least developed countries around the world have a reported higher happiness index than in more developed locations in North America, an area which tends to be synonymous with material wealth.  Read More

Tips To Manage Daily Expenses During A Bankruptcy...

Posted By  on Aug-01-2016
When working to recover from a difficult financial situation there are typically some budget changes involved, the most important of which will likely be changes to your daily expenses, and you will need to be able to adjust appropriately in the midst of bankruptcy or proposal proceedings. Below are four tips to help you manage your daily expenses.  Read More

How Bankruptcy Can Affect A Spouse

Posted By  on Jul-04-2016
If you find yourself swallowed by unmanageable debt, whether it is accrued from loans, starting your own business, extravagant purchases or renovations to your home, you may be considering declaring bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will not give you a clean slate but it can relieve you of your debts.  Read More

Guide To Paying Back Your Student Loan

Posted By  on Jun-27-2016
As of 2014, the average amount of student debt in Canada post graduation was around $25,000. With poor job opportunities for graduates, it is becoming difficult for students to pay back their debts. In many cases, it may force someone to delay other life milestones such as marriage, purchasing a first home or having children.  Read More

What Is Skimming, Phishing And Online Fraud?

Posted By  on Jun-20-2016
You might have heard of the words skimming, phishing and online fraud but are not familiar with what they actually mean. Online fraud is the use of the Internet to defraud individuals by obtaining their personal information and selling it or by making transactions. Skimming and phishing are two examples of online fraud.  Read More

Understanding Credit Card Fraud

Posted By  on Jun-13-2016
Although credit cards are generally very safe and companies can automatically detect bizarre activity, credit card fraud can occur, albeit to only a small percentage of Canadians (0.77%), but it results in a large loss of money. In 2010, for example, $365,916,944 was lost due to credit card fraud.  Read More
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