How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge: A State-by-State Breakdown

bookkeeping rates per hour

Knowing the right forms and documents to claim each credit and deduction is daunting. Taxes are incredibly complex, so we may not have been able to answer your question in the article. Get $30 off a tax consultation with a licensed CPA or EA, and we’ll be sure to provide you with a robust, bespoke answer to whatever tax problems you may have. Set your business up for success with our free small business tax calculator. From bookkeeping to tax consultations and filings, the Pros can help.

bookkeeping rates per hour

Cost Factor #5: Location

bookkeeping rates per hour

At Taxfyle, we connect small businesses with licensed, experienced CPAs or EAs in the US. Hourly wages for in-house bookkeepers range from $16.55 to $26.85, depending on the geographic location. This translates to an average annual salary that ranges from $27,500 to $71,500.

Variations in Hourly Rates for Bookkeeping by Region

bookkeeping rates per hour

Most people don’t want the most expensive option, but they also feel dissatisfied with selecting the base option because it lacks certain features. Fixed-fee pricing allows you to increase profit as you increase efficiency—the more efficiently you can work, the greater the profit margin. If you think they’re too high for you to set reasonable rates, consider lowering them.

Manage payroll.

For example, one may charge $30 per hour while another offers an all-inclusive monthly fee. Outsourced bookkeepers have no overhead expenses and charge only for work performed. To summarize, the cost of monthly bookkeeping packages is quite variable among providers. Rather than assuming a set bookkeeping price packages price range, it’s important to evaluate each firm’s specific offerings. Make sure to clarify what’s included at each tier and determine what meets your business’ particular needs before making a decision. That can be a huge time saver for business owners versus processing payroll themselves.

  • This encompasses a wide variety of critical tasks and responsibilities, such as recording financial transactions, updating ledgers, reconciling accounts, and producing reports and statements.
  • But who wants the task of sifting through receipts and organizing statements when there’s a whole slew of business operations to attend to?
  • They can quickly answer questions and provide updates since they’re right there with you.
  • Navigate payroll service costs in 2024 with our comprehensive guide.
  • Specializing in a career field can help to set you apart and lead to career stability and longevity.
  • Mismanagement of your business’ money could mean less room for growth, and lack of productivity.

Some parts of the United States also expect to see above-average demand for qualified bookkeepers in their local labor markets. Also, note that the degree-related salaries cover all accounting professionals who hold that degree. Bookkeepers still play important roles on accounting teams, especially in the small business world. This bookkeeper salary guide explores ways for emerging and established bookkeepers to improve their job prospects and earning power. Consider how frequently you provide services to a client when making up your mind about what to charge.

  • As a small business owner, you want to make well-informed decisions about financing your bookkeeping expenses, and you want to do it correctly.
  • The least amount you can expect to pay in bookkeeping fees is $348 a month.
  • From bookkeeping to tax consultations and filings, the Pros can help.
  • Depending on the industry, you might be able to extend your services to include cost accounting for projects and jobs.
  • ” you may wonder what exactly a bookkeeper does and the different types of bookkeeping services you can pay for.

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